“How Tall Does Kale Grow” is an article that provides an overview of the growing requirements for kale and how tall it can grow. Kale is an annual plant that grows in the winter and spring months and can reach heights of up to four feet tall. It likes cooler temperatures and full sun exposure and can be grown in well-draining soil, typically amended with compost. To keep kale at a manageable size, it should be pinched back about two weeks after it starts to flower. The article provides tips for getting the most out of kale, such as planting it early or late in order to extend harvest times. Additionally, it suggests using protective shade or row covers to protect it from extreme heat and cold, and provides information on fertilizing, harvesting and pests. By following these tips, cultivators can ensure they have a healthy, bountiful crop of kale.

How Tall Does Kale Grow?

Kale is a nutritious leafy vegetable with many varieties that generally grow 12-24 inches tall. Depending on the variety, some will reach up to 36 inches and beyond. The most popular variety, the curly kale, is usually what is grown in home gardens.

Kale has a cool-weather preference and prefers full sun, however, it is tolerant of partial shade. It can be grown from seed or from transplants, with germination best when soil temperatures are 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Growing Requirements for Kale:

  • Full sun, although tolerant of part shade
  • Ideal soil temperature for planting is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower
  • Sow seeds or transplant seedlings
  • A well-draining soil
  • Mulching and irrigation to maintain even moisture

Kale can also be planted in succession throughout the season every two weeks to ensure a steady supply of the vegetable. Kale can tolerate up to a light frost and can be harvested once it reaches between 12-36 inches tall.

How Tall Does Kale Grow