“How To Cut Kale From Garden” is a step-by-step guide to harvesting kale from a home garden. It begins by explaining why it is important to harvest the kale correctly, as this will ensure a good yield. The guide then goes over the supplies needed, which include a sharp knife for cutting, a pair of gloves to prevent contamination, and a harvesting basket or bag. It then covers the step-by-step process, from choosing the best leaves to look for when harvesting, to cutting and gathering the kale. Furthermore, it explains the importance of cleaning the kale thoroughly so that it is safe to eat. Lastly, it describes what to do with the kale after it is harvested and how best to store it. Overall, this guide provides valuable information to anyone looking to successfully harvest kale from their home garden.

How to Cut Kale from a Garden

– Garden gloves
– Harvest knife or scissors
– Harvest basket

1. Select the Kale Leaves
– Pick the largest, healthiest leaves which are dark in color
– Avoid leaves that are yellow or have holes in them
– Cut stems with a harvest knife or scissors, about 1/4 inch above the base of the plant

2. Store Kale
– Place kale in a harvest basket
– Keep away from direct sunlight
– Make sure it is stored in an area that is cool and dry, with proper air circulation

3. Clean Kale
– Rinse it thoroughly in cold water
– Remove any wilted leaves or stems, and discard
– Dry it between one to two layers of paper towels
– Ready to use or store

How To Cut Kale From Garden